Andy Davies

Independent Web Performance Consultant

Rebooting My Blog

I’ve haven’t written a post in ages, partly because I’m really bad at finishing posts, and partly because I’ve never really like typepad and so haven’t paid for it this year.

Twitter is great for short conversations but it’s not up to longer posts and I’ve got some ideas I want to share so that others can kick the tyres.

So I’ve switched domains, fired up Octopress, and with the help of pandoc ported the old blog content across. Once I’ve got the redirects in place I will be killing off the old blog.

Octopress was really pretty easy to get going, but I’m not quite sure if I’m going to stay with it as I want to experiment with some RESS type things.

I’ve still got some pages to write, some tweaks to the theme I want to make but it’s good enough for now.