Andy Davies


Hi, I’m Andy and I help retailers, publishers and financial services companies to make their web sites faster.

Becoming faster typically increases visitor engagement and site revenue.

Some of the things I help with include:

  • Building business cases - enabling organisations to understand what value improving performance can deliver

  • Assessing performance of existing websites, comparing against competitors, highlighting performance issues and explaining how to resolve them (or helping fix them).

  • Reviewing new sites before launch or during commissioning process to identify potential performance issues.

  • Troubleshooting performance issues, identify causes and recommending fixes or hands-on fixing of issues.

  • Measuring how site performance impacts business metrics, and helping companies to monitor and analyse the impact.

  • Working with development teams, helping them to get better understanding of performance and the techniques for improving it. Integrating performance testing tools into continuous integration processes etc.

If there’s anything performance wise you need help with, feel free to get in touch - - so we can discuss things further.