Andy Davies

Web Performance Consultant



I'm Andy and I'm a consultant at SpeedCurve where I help our customers to make their web sites faster.

Becoming faster typically increases visitor engagement and site revenue.

Some of the things I help with include:

  • Building business cases - enabling organisations to understand what value improving performance can deliver

  • Assessing performance of existing websites, comparing against competitors, highlighting performance issues and explaining how to resolve them (or helping fix them).

  • Reviewing new sites before launch or during commissioning process to identify potential performance issues.

  • Troubleshooting performance issues, identify causes and recommending fixes or hands-on fixing of issues.

  • Measuring how site performance impacts business metrics, and helping companies to monitor and analyse the impact.

  • Working with development teams, helping them to get better understanding of performance and the techniques for improving it. Integrating performance testing tools into continuous integration processes etc.

I got started in Web Performance in 2008, when I worked at publisher that drastically needed to improve the speed of their web-based learning product, and then became a full-time consultant in 2012. Since then I've worked both freelance, and for Site Confidence / NCC Group, before joining my friends at SpeedCurve in June 2021.

If there's anything performance wise you need help with, feel free to get in touch - - so we can discuss things further.